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Question: Are there significant differences between Microsoft Office 2010, 2007, 2003 and XP?
Answer: 2003 and XP are virtually identical although there are normal improvements and additional features. Microsoft Office 2010 and 2007 are significantly different.  First, the standard menu has been eliminated and replaced with "Ribbons."  There are multiple tabs with  categories for each tab and many buttons (much like the toolbars you may have been used to in 2003/XP).
Give yourself a chance and you will find that it is a lot more intuitive than older versions.
Question: Is it difficult to learn the newer version of MS Office?
Answer: Some may find it easier. The main thing to remember is that the basic functionality of the applications  remains the same.  Many views and access to various features have changed.  PC Consultants can help you easily transition from one version of MS Office to another.
Question:  Can you put both landscape and portrait slides in the same MS PowerPoint presentation.
Answer:  NO!  However, you can "hyperlink" to another presentation with a different orientation.
Question: I work in the financial department of a major financial institution.  Do MS Excel 2010 & 2007 have more capacity than older versions?
Answer: Yes! MS Excel 2003 and XP have 256 columns and 65,536 rows.  Excel 2010 & 2007 have 16,000 columns and 1,048,536 rows.
Question: I am an attorney and would like to move away from using printed poster boards. Is there a good alternative?
Answer: MS PowerPoint presentations are an excellent way to make presentations in trials. They can be updated at the very last minute with minimal effort.
Question: Is the format of Microsoft Office 2010 & 2007 different than older versions?
Answer: Yes! However, MS Office 2010 & 2007 make it very easy to save in older formats. Simply click on the "MS Office" button near the upper left-hand corner of the screen and select "Save-As".  There will be several choices, among them to save in the 97-2003 format.  For older
versions of MS Office, you can download, from Microsoft, a compatibility viewer which enables older versions to read and format 2010 and 2007 files.
Question: Why can't I read "PDF" files?
Answer: You need to have ADOBE READER
See below.
Question: Some of the Flash, Shockwave or animated files do not play on my system. Why?
Answer: You need to download or update the latest Flash Player or Shockwave Player from Adobe.
See below.
Question: I get image boxes with a red "X" but no image. What should I do?
Answer: If this happens, you will typically see an image as shown below. Follow the directions in the box.

Question: How can I download the latest free version of ADOBE READER?

Click on the icon below.


Question: How can I download the latest version of ADOBE FLASH PLAYER?

Click on the icon below.


Question: How can I download the latest version of Shockwave Player?

Click on the icon below.


Question: How can I download Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 for Windows 7, VISTA or XP?
Answer: Click on the icon below.
Question: How can I download the latest version of Safari for Apple Macintosh:

Click on the icon below.



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