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Speak with Confidence
and Persuasiveness

Creating a dynamic, informative MS PowerPoint presentation is vital, but itís only half the battle! The other half is delivering the presentation in a lively, interesting and engaging manner. Many people are uncomfortable speaking in front of audiences and this lessens the effectiveness of the presentation. Jeff Davidson at PC Consultants can train you to speak comfortably Ė whether youíre in front of a live audience or in a recording booth. Through a variety of written and spoken exercises, plus practice sessions, we can help you...

  • Develop persuasive communication techniques

  • Use your voice effectively

  • Control your anxiety when making a public presentation

  • Increase your confidence when speaking before groups large and small

Don't lose business because of weak communication skills! Well-honed speaking skills can make the difference between just making a presentation and truly persuading your audience to do what you want them to do.

Private, semi-private, and group classes are available.

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